Google Play Developer Program Policy Update

hello thunkable what is this recently i added privacy policy on my app and store listing
then why google send me this mail i never store any data on my app Your platform is automatically storing data and we are facing mails from google
please explain me how i can safe my app


I have also received this email. Form my perspective this is just an update about play store policy changes… not a warning that your specific app has such issues…

If I have not properly understood the email purpose and a specific action is needed form us then please correct me…

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Anyone else who has received this email from Google
please any solution for this ?

I agree with @Mr_Blackd,

The “solution” is that you read the updated policies and decided whether or not your apps are affected.

It says so at the end of the email:

We encourage you to review these policy updates carefully in case any of your existing apps are impacted

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how to check apps follow this policy or not ?

You should click on the link to the developer policy center and read the updated policies.

It would be really helpful if you shared a link to your app, or simply gave a description of what your app does. This way we might be better able to advise you.