Google Map Heatmap for Thunkable?


Has anyone tried displaying heatmap on Google Map? Wondering how do you do it for pedestrian?

Hi @terryneedsleep, :wave:

There’s no built-in block to do this right now. Can you explain a little more about how you would like to use this?

@domhnallohanlon I’m trying to make an app that can see if certain area are congested eg shopping center or ski slopes. Even though the in built Google Map doesn’t have it, is there a way around to get this?

Sounds like a great idea for an app, however I think it’s beyond the scope of what’s currently possible with Thunkable.

The reason why something like Google traffic works for vehicles is that so many people have Android phones (or apps with Google apps installed on them) so even this would be challenging. The Ski resort is an interesting one, if it was integrated with your pass, but I don’t think you’d get the critical mass of installs for something like a shopping centre .

The last time I had to do something like this I used heatmap.js - but there are probably plenty of others out there too. I haven’t tried using this with the WebViewer but it should be feasible.

ok thanks, let me test it out