Google has terminated your activities and Google Play Developer Account


If your read this topic it means maybe you too google deleted your google play developer account.

For me Google is not reliable at all, many developers have seen their account deleted including mine, I published an article, it must be shared a maximum :wink:

And here i have publish alternative to help developper who search an other Store :wink:

Thanks :wink:
We must not give up

But what about alternatives to Admob? Those 3 best alternatives to Google PlayStore, how do they manage ads? How do you implement the ads in your app?

For admob i have find this link:

Itโ€™s a list of other mediation, i only know that applovin donโ€™t paid for view of banners but facebook yes.
I think that facebook is a good choice according to the opinions of others, but I have not tested it.

How implement the ads in amazon store, catappult and appgallery ?
itโ€™s the same operation that google play :wink:
You add your id admob or other mediation in block on thunkable and you upload your apk on amazon store or catappult or appgallery.