Getting parent component via Any componenet

I am trying to create clones of a row which has 2 images and a label. How do I get all the components of a particular row once an image within a row is clicked. Here is a code that I have written so far. In Javascript, I would do something like document.getElementById("").parentElement

Sorry @adminyi7yav - still not fully following this.

You have a pair of images in a row,
You clone the entire row.
When an image is clicked you want to know what row it belongs to?

Is that correct? If so, I think you’ll have to the math for this one (it’s just dividing by 2, so should be pretty straightforward) as I can’t think of a function that will do this out-of-the-box.

Let me know whether or not that makes sense.


So if I understand this right, if there are 100 clones of that row, and if I what to which row was clicked based on the image that was clicked, I divide it by 2?