Get Value and Get Object updates not loading new values from google sheets

Hey Thunkable,

I know this is an on going issue. Any other options to get current live values?


Please stop using google sheets. That’s your best option

Use Supabase. Super generous free tier.

The usage is kinda funky. Blocks can have undesirable outcomes.

Alternatively. Hit the sheets api yourself and bypass the blocks altogether.

Thanks for the info Jared.

The backend I’m needing requires trig so not sure supabase would do that.

I’ve tried the direct connect with get object via json via the training videos.

It never worked. Kept returning null.

Thanks for the insight

Tell me more. Functions in google sheets can surely be recreated elsewhere using minimal logic

Its been a long going issue trying to find something that works within thunkable.

This would all be resolved if the ACOS function would display more decimal places.

I have created an app that allows the user to create a unique user ID. The user ID is saved as a stored variable.

The app that activates the devices current lat and long location. Since the math within Thunkable isnt as powerful as Google Sheets, it sends the current lat and long to the specific sheet within google sheets that compares their location to another location, and returns in yards.

The users username is then compared to the list in google sheet to get a unique user row ID.

I have created lists within the app to display specific sheets data that show the calculated data.

I just want to be able to show the calculated data per the unique row ID within the google sheet.

I have coded that and it returns the right information. But the objects or values dont update when clicking. Even with a refresh data click.

Ive tried going direct through web URL. Nada.

Trying to figure options.

sounds like you are returning a list of locations and ‘on the fly’ calculating their distance to the user.

something like:

place | distance to user

even if not, my approach would be something like

storing data in the db,
setting up an api to handle the logic you have discussed.

getting set up in xano would be a really nice use case, though the starter plan is rather pricy for some.

supabase would handle this really nicely but you’d need to write some js functions. easy enough using chatGPT honestly or could hire someone to do it for a rather low cost most likely.

sheets is nice, but using it like this is really not a great thing to do. also, keepp in mind if you ever have 2 users using the app at the same time, stuff will get really wonky as users dont see unique versions of the sheet. everyone sees the same data .

Great stuff.

Yah on users using the app at the same time, I had it narrowed down to posting all the math values to one sheet.


For each yards set, I created multiple data list viewers.

They would pull the set of data for the list and display on the matching row to the apps unique row value.

Simple and clean.

This has been the cleanest way of getting refreshed data that is accurate.

Trying to find a way to only display within that data list viewer, a select row.

The work flows have been very accurate with not creating duplicates and has been correct even with multiple devices. I have four devices running the test at once.

Just need to just show specific rows.

When filtering the DLV, it would work to find the initial row, but wouldn’t update upon request with changed value

Or even sorting it unique numeric

So close but yet so far away.

Ive also bene trying to write script on the backend to reset the indirect value , so even if it was deleted on google sheets it would auto correct and replace value.

Seen a lot of discussion on deleting a list and updating the list with a creation causing the cache to push. But, would need the sheet to do the work.