Get Row ID for data viewer list

Hi! I want to create a chat app using the drag and drop interface.

I want each messenger to have a chat bubble similar to a typical messaging app design.

I want to set the person’s messages into the 1st row of the data viewer list, and the subsequent messages would be in row +1 after each messages sent.

However, I don’t know how to put the row = 0 (first row) on the block as shown in the image.

I appreciate any help! Thank you!

Something like a layout component is the best.

i used a layout component to design each chat bubble but i don’t know how to get the row of the data viewer list… do you have any idea how i can approach this? thank you!

What are you using to store and send messages?

i tried using cloud on firebase (this is using simple list viewer).

Then i tried using the data viewer list with airtable and google sheets. but i do not know how to retrieve the row id, such that whenever person A sends a text, the text will appear on one side of the list viewer (eg. right side), while the opposite side (person B’s side) will be blank.

And after each text, the row will move down by 1 row

Check out this thread.

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