Get Ready for Single Sign On (SSO)


Hey Thunkers! :wave:

We’re pleased to announce that this week we will be enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) for Thunkable ✕ and the Thunkable Community.

What’s SSO?

SSO (Single Sign-On) allows you to securely sign in to both your Thunkable ✕ account and Community account with just a single sign in.

Instead of having to enter your username and password here on the Community and then go and do the exact same thing over on ✕, once we enable SSO you only have to enter your username and password once.

SSO = one username, one password, all the platforms!

What’s Changing?

For a while now you’ve been able to see your username in Thunkable ✕ but, you haven’t been able to change it. This week we’re adding the ability to change your username in Thunkable ✕. Changing your username on Thunkable ✕ will also change your username back in the Community too.

Note: Thunkable reserves the right to block, alter or remove usernames at its discretion, and you should not use any name that you do not have a bone fide claim to.

What’s Next?

This is the first in a number of changes we are planning that are aimed at improving our public app gallery. We want to acknowledge our awesome creators who share their projects with the public, and make sure you get the credit you deserve for all your hard work.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Q1: What happens if I am using a different email account for both. Can I connect the accounts?

Q2: I only use Thunkable Classic and the Community. Do I need to create an account on Thunkable X?

  • Thunkable X provides a better and more secure login mechanism over https. We recommend creating an account on Thunkable X.

Q3: I have accounts on Thunkable X and the Community, but I can’t log in any more. What should I do?

Q4: Who will be able to see my username?

  • Every time you create or share a public project your username will be associated with your project, so that you can be identified as the creator of that project.

Q5: I’m a PRO user, who can see my username?

  • You username will only be visible on projects that you choose to share publicly, or in private projects that you share with other PRO users.

Q6: I don’t want an account in Community. Is that possible?

  • We auto-generate a Community account for you when you sign up for Thunkable X. If you want to remove your Thunkable community account, please send an email to [email protected]. We are happy to support your use case.

Q7: Do you have a Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Copyright statements?

Q8: Does signing into the Community automatically sign me into Thunkable X?

  • No, it works the other way around. When you into Thunkable X you will be signed into the Community automatically, but signing into the Community will not automatically sign you into Thunkable X

Q9: Can I choose any username I want?

  • Within reason. We recommend that you do not use brand names, registered trademarks etc. in your username. Similarly, rude or offensive usernames will also be removed. Thunkable reserves the right to modify, remove, or block usernames at any time.

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