Get property of object create object with fields

Can someone help me out here, what is the proper layout of blocks I should have here for this to work the way I’m hoping?

Normally I get stuff from Firebase DB but this seems to be a little different when creating the object in thunkable.

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There is no benefit of the loop because it is just one object.

Can you explain what are you trying to achieve?

I want to clone 3 buttons, the buttons have different text and different background pictures

Then the 3 sliders, the first one has a certain max and the next 2 have a max of 100

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More clearly I want to make 3 clones of 1 button*

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So you need to use get properties of object for the loop (if you insist on it) and remember that each property is a list.

Example, the first property would be Link and you should use the list block to get the values one after the other.

You created a single object containing lists. The right way to do this is to create a list of objects where each list item is an object with various properties for a single button. Then you loop through the list and read the object properties to set the button values.

I’m not at my computer but the first post here shows an example of what a list of objects looks like:


Thanks guys, here’s the final working result

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