GET Json from API

Check this one

I used the text in the post and tried my best to correct it.
Hope you find it useful.


WOOOOOOW yes now it works perfectly. THANK YOU SO much… :star_struck: :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush: :rofl:

Now the big question. If I choose a product how do I get the rest of the info of that product?

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Glad to see it working for you.

I made it to show in the list viewer and when you select any item you get some info just below the list. This is for you to see how you can extract more info from the selected product.

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Okay thanks. I think I got that now…

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If I have this docs on a API

Is it completly wrong to build it like this or am I on the right way???

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Not exactly. The image is too small for my eyes but I can see that you have assumed that date is just a normal sting while it is an object by itself.

Date is a sub-object of the property properties and has the following properties under it (date):

  • type
  • format
  • pattern
  • required
  • description

The others follow the same route of date which means that each of layout, paymentTerms and others are each a sub-object under the object propoerties

Happy Thunking!

Okay thanks. I will try that.
I am also trying to get the name under “recipient” out of this Json.
Can you help with the get object blocks for that.
I have tryed with the help you gave earlier but there is more layer in this Json.
I v´can only get the draftInvoiceNumber in the way you sjowed earlier

I am trying something like this
But thats not working…
Thanks again for your help…

Can you post the full text of the JSON response? As text, not as an image.

If it’s in the same format as the example from the API documentation you posted, then this is what it looks like when converted here:

The name of the recipient is stored (at the bottom of this screenshot) in the “description” property inside of the “name” property inside of the “properties” property inside of the “recipient” property inside of the “properties” property inside of the JSON object.

So your “get property of object” blocks need to follow that heirarchy.

I think they could have chosen better property names than “properties” :cry: