Get JSON Objects

Thanks for getting back to me so quick
I am still not able to produce a list of restaurants with my blocks.

I am attaching the revised blocks so that you can see what I am doing wrong.

I am also attaching some of the JSON results so you can see what iI am trying to do.


If you give me the whole JSON response in the form of a text file, then I will look at it.

Your main mistake is that you are trying to get the data in a loop. First try to get data without a loop. For this you need to get an object with index 1.

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To build upon Александр’s reply, it looks like your JSON response is an object. not a list, so your 'for each item j in list "app TMresponse"' blocks will fail. I believe that you want to get the the “results” property of your JSON response object (i.e. 'app TMResponse') and then iterate of that list using the 'for each item j in list' block.

Hope this helps.


I am getting the proper response and I am storing the results in an Airtable spreadsheet.

When I am finished, I want to delete ALL records from the spreadsheet. It seems like it will delete row two and some others but not all rows.



Charles, It’s difficult to diagnose your problem without seeing the blocks that you are using to delete the records.