Function list - bug

when adding or removing a component in the list - BUG
here’s how to test:

Maybe I`m wrong! If so, I will be glad to help me in my ignorance!

I do not understand you question.

You want to add or remove what component from what list?

I create a list. Then I change it and function crashed.
In an app, the created list is from 1 to 20. Add to the list 21 and see the result

(By the way, and for the record, in your screen2, you are making a list out of a sequence of character 20 times only to pick one. Why not make the list once, and then save that list in a local variable so that it does not get needlessly reprocessed 20 times to do the same thing?)

What do you mean “add to the list 21”? What list?
Do you mean adding “, 21” at the end of the string “_items”, or add a “Label22” which you try to set to the 21st entry that does not exist of “_items”?

Because it this is what you did (add another Label in screen2 and try to get a non existing 21st entry of a list that only has 20 entries to be assigned to it) then it WILL crash.