Length of list bug

Is there a bug in the command length of list?
I tried to run this very simple code on live test (Android) and the result il always 1 instead of 3, wich I expect.

Try removing the list component and just try to get the lenght of x

Yes, that works (isn’t that a bug?)

I have no idea but variables can store lists by themselves so I’m not sure you need to specifiy it’s a list :slight_smile:

Ok, I am also having problems with a polyline in a map, should I open a new post?
Anyway here is a screenshot of what works on thunkable classic:

Same thing in thunkable X does not work:
I can’t even put list and colour!

I’m sad I won’t be of any help on this one. You should open a new post :confused:

Thank you, in the meantime I have done this:
wich works on the programming side, but causes the app to crash. I have to look further.
Thank you anyway

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Hi I am making a app on making shares I want a code for it I will send you the post

@rogmunnabhaimb3 Welcome to Thunkable! Please start a new topic for your question. Also, it’s best to avoid replying to very old threads unless absolutely necessary.