Fun Share: get NASA's APOD daily!

did you know NASA has a free api that serves an astronomy photo of the day ?
get your own api-key from here (it’s free!)

here’s today’s APOD

here’s a screenshot of the blocks

and here’s the link to remix corrected):

see corrected version later in thread for the new link.

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Nice share! It’s great that it works in a browser; many APIs don’t.

Just a note that you need to move the set blocks inside of the Web_API Get block for this to work. Otherwise, you’ll likely get a value of “null” from the API. Here’s how it worked for me:

actually i saved the response inside then_do and referred to it outside so it works. (it was a trick i used for testing after i had already received a good response - so i didn’t have to make the web call every time).
thanks for checking though.

It doesn’t work though. Because the set blocks fire before the API response is received. I guess it may have worked for you but on my phone and in a browser, it just displayed “null” and no image was shown.

If I add debugging blocks like this:

Then this is the result:


You can see that “Getting properties” occurs before “Response received”.


i got a different picture!

that’s because it’s now 2023-01-09 at NASA! so i changed the program appropriately and got the date from the json response.

here are the new blocks:

and the link to the revised program:

thanks for checking, @tatiang!

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