APOD - Astronomical Picture of the Day [ FREE ]

Hello Guys, today I’m going to provide you the Free AIA (source file) for Astronomical Picture of the Day app which shows up the APOD by NASA.

NASA provides free API service of APOD. You can get your own from https://api.nasa.gov/api.html

May be it’s free but it has the request limitations. So I thought for an idea a came up with Firebase Request Management - This makes the app work with only one request per day.

Explanation : I made the system which works like

When any of the user of the app requests the data from the api the app then saves the data to the firebase which on another request gets the data from firebase instead of the API.

In this way request limitations can be managed.

For the AIA file :slight_smile:

Cheers !!

Notice : If you want to post this aia on YouTube channel then you need to take my permission. PM me for that.