Friends list almost working


The following block partially works. The listing aspect works great but adding new entries isn’t going to the correct place. The correct db etnry looks like


But currently mine looks like:


I know I am having a brain fart or something but I can’t figure out how to fix this.

That is because initially, you set “cloud friends” to a string, as opposed to a list that contain strings or objects.
Later, you treat “cloud friends” as a list of objects since this is what you are adding.

You need to be consistent as to what that object is, and as to what type if data it contains.

I thought I had declared it but I see that I didn’t. even if I set cloud friends to an empty list it still doesn’t work. No matter what I try in what combination the paths don’t match. I am just so frustrated.

I feel like I am bashing my head against a wall here so I really apologize if I sound snippy, terse or even angry. I come from 20 years of web design with minor dabblings into javascript and PHP. I don’t know if it’s the graphical interface or what but with some scripting that I have looked at i had a really god idea of what was going on due to the syntax. I feel like such an idiot. I have read what I can and watched quite a bit but most of the tutorials (minus thunkable x tutorials) are sorely lacking in something.

There is so much you are not showing that it is hard to diagnose.

What do you put in friend_submit_input?
That will be appended to “cloud friends” when “friend_submit_btn” is clicked.

Actually I got exactly what I wanted to get done! It took a couple of look-throughs of a thunkable x tutorials video to get it into my head.

Glad to hear it.

As you go forward, do not forget to take notes. It is easy to forget how you got things done, and relearning could end up wasting a lot of time.
Good luck with the rest of your development.

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