Format large text

how is it possible to format a text, with spaces, carriage returns, titles, bolds, etc?

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In the current version of Thunkable X, this can only be done using the html in the WebViewer component. In the native part, you can use spaces, tabulation, line feed, Unicode characters and properties on the Advanced tab.

In my demo project

on the page “Text utils” you will find examples of text formatting.


In fact, with the web pages used with “Web Viewer” component, you can format the objects as we want.
Do you think that in the near future we can realize natively with some other component?

Many thanks

It would be nice to see support for html formatting in native components. I do not know the developers’ plans for this, but I think that in the near future this should not be expected. Why? Because even the basic properties and blocks for some components are not yet implemented, for example, working with the font in the List Viewer.

To exchange data between the Web Viewer and the native part, you can use Firebase (the RealtimrDB component).

right but really i do not understand how to link web viewer and realtimeDB?
I thought that only URL we can set on web viewer … so how I can show data stored on Firebase on web component?

It’s relatively simple. In the native part, you work with Firebase component RealtimeDB, and in the Web Viewer - through the Firebase Javascript API. An example of a file in an attachment. You need to specify in it your credentials and configuration for Firebase.

firebase.txt (869 Bytes)