Get text from web viewer date picker

Can somebody help me here.
I like to put the date i get in this webview into a variable to use later. How do I do that??

Use Firebase JavaScript API

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Thanks for your reply. I am newby in this app building. Can you help me with the blocks maybe. I have firabase account and work with it also in Thunkable.

This is a complex topic that requires knowledge of JavaScript programming. I can give you links to documentation that will help you study this issue.

I give you an application template for exchanging data between WebViewer and app. This is a rather complicated topic.

In this project, on the app side, a JavaScript expression is introduced, which is passed to the WebViewer. In WebViewer, the expression is evaluated and the result is sent to the app.

For the project to work, you need to configure access settings for Firebase and fill in with your data all global variables except “ligin”