Firebase Sign Up Repeatition without error

Hi, Above is the simple project with Login and Register option.

Every new user should register on firebase using email id and password.

His registration details are saved in firebase project (only email and password), while other registration details are saved in airtable. (as I dont know how to put them at one place).

Also the main issue is when I register 1st time using email id, it registers succesffuly. But when I again register using same email id then it doesnt do anything but creates a data record. I want this to show error. so is firebase not compatible to identify repeated email id ? or am i doing something wrong way. Please guide.

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Hi Navneet,

Have you tried using the Gram app as a reference for your sign in component?

Gram app is using firebase and I believe there is a problem with firebase as it doesn’t throw up error for more than one time registration by same email id.

I prefer using airtable spreadsheet now.

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@Navneet_Singhal - did you ever find a way to prevent duplicate sign ups here?

Was the work-around just to use Airtable?

@domhnallohanlon That time i moved to Airtable and since then didnt try that again.