Firebase good block register

does anyone know how to make blocks to register with firebase without user data having the same data so as not to confuse and how to select some data from a user that has registered with firebase in the fusion table?


I’m sorry, but did not understand what you need to do. Do you want to make sure that once registered users once did not re-enter their registration data on subsequent entries in Firebase? If this is the case, use Local Storage to store data on the phone.

I wanted to: that user can register with a unique data and when another user registers with the same data, the notification will say that this data or user or email already exists please enter another thing.are you understand?

Now it is clear - check for uniqueness. This requires the node with all registration data to the list and then check whether the list data that the user entered.

To solve this problem, you need to learn how to get data from Firebase - the parent node and all the child nodes in the selected parent.

do you have a special document on that?

Look at this

You also need to be able to work with JSON.

Did you understand that mistake? I’m trying to get values that I had put in the firebase on the other screen using list view, but gave it away.

Unfortunately, I did not understand this error because I’m using Thunkable X, and you are asking a question about Thunkable Classic

I was able to solve this. Tell me, how do you do it so that when the users are talking using chat, all their conversations are stored on their cell phone. Do you have an idea?
I want to redirect all their conversations or exchanges stored on the mobile phone or their devices.

Use Local Storage.


In Thunkable X, there is no TinyDB. There is only LocalStorage.

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