Firebase project bucket in Thunkable X?

Hello, I’m a beginner to Thunkable X. I want the user to be able to create chatrooms, I’ve set the blocks to save a random integer when the user submits a new chatroom and gave it a tag (key). I don’t know how to get the user to their desired chatroom once they’ve input its ID (the integer).
As I understand, i should create a standalone project bucket once they’ve submitted their new chatroom and have other users directed to it if they enter its id. Can anyway help me understand how to that ?
Thank you!

You may want to create a separate category in your firebase :

For example for id 25

25/1 (Saves the first message)
25/2 (saved the second)

The problem here is that creating an unlimited number of chats would be a bit difficult

Hey! So i tried creating an object in my Firebase DB, this object will be the chatroom and it will have fields like the ID, users and msgs. the problem is that idk how to call that object ?
Also, can you tell me the errors in my blocks since i’m really just a beginner x) THank you!

I’m sorry, it’s so easy xD i got it now

What was your solution? I’m looking to do something similar …and i’m stuck : )