RealtimeDB ProjectBucket

I need help to my project bucket blocks someone can helpme?

You gotta give us some info. Whats the issue, error etc.

I am using these blocks to create project bucket for each user l, but nothing happens! I intend to save the name, e-mail, and postal code.

Not enough information.

Do you have your project bucket setup, your API etc? Can you write to the DB . can you read from the DB can you access the DB, did you change the write permissions o the DB?

This is in Spanish, but you ca still figure out what is going on if Spanish is not your language.

everything is set up to send and receive data because I have used it! now what I want to create Bucket project for each user but I am not able to. the blocks on top is my project

You dont have to create a bucket

When you write tags just create a nested list. This is done very simple. If you want data for each user, when you write the tag just add /user//data

is the name you give the user. data is whatever the unique user specific tag data for the user . This could be password, credits, coins, etc. etc.

Thanks for the help I’ll try! and then how do I retrieve this data from each user?