Firebase "Persist" option available in X?

Thunkable Classic has the option to check “Persist”. If checked, variables will retain their values when off-line and the App exits. Values will be uploaded to Firebase the next time the App is run while connected to the network. No similar option is in X, is that feature an automatic part of X or not included at all?


“Stored” variables (as opposed to “app”) are persistent within the device.
And “Cloud” variables are those that would be saved over the internet.

So, similar options do exist, they are only defined differently.

Understood and thanks.

The main difference is that I would need to set up a routine to upload a stored variable when back online again, whereas the “persist” option (in Classic) senses being online again and does it automatically. So I’m still wondering about X.

X is quite different from Classic; I am not sure how many of the components missing from X – like the canvas and the much needed web viewer string that allows to pass information to and from an HTML/Javascript file – are not implemented because of restrictions on the iOS side of things. Those current omissions are a show stopper as far as my applications are concerned… so you are not the only one wondering.

@KaneoheKid you might try and use the isdeviceonline block and if false store data to the device with a local db. Then use a timer to fire to check for deviceonline and save the data as needed.