Cache firebase data to use offline

Hello guys,

Here’s the thing, I need to use the data stored in firebase whether the app is online or not, queuing up the requests when the app is offline and executing then when it is online, or retrieving data from a cached copy of the firebase data, so I’ve read about firebase and I saw that it supports this functionability with cached data but, I wasn’t able to implement it on thunkable X, so if you guys could tell me if it’s possible or not and if it is, help me or show me an example on how to do it it would be very helpful.
Thank you all in advance!


Thunkable X has a block that can be used to determine whether an application is online or not. Start from this. And then you will need to think about syncing your data. Obviously, you will use stored variables to store data offline (which don’t work very reliably at the moment).

Thank you very much! :smiley: