Firebase cloud storage

Hi all, Ive been making a game on thunkable and want to be able to save user’s avatars and images they send when completeing tasks (part of the game). How can I do this using Firebase? I found cloud storage or firestore to be good options but how do I code it?

Typically, I’ve done this by uploading images to Cloudinary and then saving the generated url to Firebase.

Be sure to reduce the file size before uploading because Cloudinary uploads can be really slow (~15 seconds for a large file).

I’m looking into directly uploading to Firebase via API but I’m not sure how difficult that is.

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What I dont understand is how the code will work for this, Ive already used the API link and db url to integrate the db into my app… I know how i can get the users to upload the images, i want to be able to save and then retrieve them from cloud