Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics

I’d love to be able to implement firebase analytics along with crashlytics into my app so I can monitor both app performance and user behavior.

I feel like tracking user behavior within the app is a table stakes feature, so maybe I’m missing something? Is there any other way to easily track user behavior within the app or app performance?

Hello @mjgillis
Thank you for creating this feature request.
Unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment but this is a good suggestion!

Let me know if there are any questions I could answer that would help land this on the roadmap ;). In terms of priority for me, while both are important the analytics capability is exponentially higher than crashlytics. I can make lots of actions to improve my experience based on analytics of users. Without it, I’m flying pretty blind to what to improve outside of doing separate email outreach/surveys/user interviews. It would be a massive improvement if there was some way to handle in-app analytics.

The crashlytics piece would be very interesting and helpful data to find areas I could potentially improve performance/reliability, but not nearly as critical as the analytics portion.