Find the error in the highlighted area

Uploading: thunkable app error.PNG…
Find the error

That message appears when you connect blocks that can’t go together. So which two blocks are you connecting when that message appears?

Error and app crashed

I was only connecting the for loop after the list or video camera block

But how blocks can go together. Please Explain
From India

Tatiang can I not add for block just after list block in if statement? As it shows internal error

Can you share a link to your project? I’m still not sure which two blocks you’re connecting when that message appears. It might be quicker for me to look at your project.

No you will copy my project

Hahaha … @tatiang doesn’t need your project. He’s super helpful to everyone. I’m new here but I can see he’s taking time to reply everyone’s doubts. If you don’t want to share entire project share the problematic area… of course if you need to solve your problem.

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I appreciate that! I’m definitely not going to use or share someone else’s project without their permission but I understand being cautious.