Filtering through document based upon requirment

I am trying to make a code so that the user selects a name and for that name an ID is hidden in the backround. I am trying to get data from a sheet based upon my ID that is saved by the name that the user selects.

This is my sheet for the name and the ID’s.

This is my sheet with the number that I need to pull data from

Please give an example with real values from your data source.

So these are my values from my data source. I will try to explain what I am trying to do better. Whenever the user goes to my app and registers a student, they will be requested to choose a class from a list that contains the 3 items that are in the first sheet. These are my 3 classes. Now, what I am trying to do is, on a different other page. When the user selects the items from the dropdown, it should save the name in the label visible to the user and save in a invisible label the ID that is associated with each class. Until this part is which I have successfully coded. Now, based on the ID that is saved in the invisible label, I want to get all the data from the 2nd page that have that specific ID in the 2nd column.

What I meant when I said an example with real values was something like this:

The user selects “103” from the first column and I want to display “Ven, Black.”

Ah ok, thank you for clarifying.

When the user goes to my app and clicks search screen, a list with the classes pop’s up.

When any one of these options is clicked on and then the Search Button is clicked, the label next to the search button houses the class ID.

When the last button, the Submit Changes button is clicked, then a list is supposed to show up with all the names associated with that specific value.

However, another issue that I am having is that as soon as the sheet that is supposed to house the data appears, it dissapears.

Here is an example of my code.

I have no idea what that means, I’m sorry. Can you provide a screencast video of that?

Something to consider is that using stored variable blocks is really slow compared to app variables. So your loop is going to take a long time.

When I need to get the value of a stored variable, I set an app variable with the same name to the value of the stored variable and then use the app variable block throughout my code. I only use the stored variable blocks when setting the value of a stored variable.

What happens if you add a Wait block inside of your loop so you can see the values that are displayed as the loop runs? Because it’s possible that the label’s text is changing quickly so you can’t see the last value.

Thank you for your input.

I tried transferring the data from the stored variable to an in app variable, however, the data does not seem to change. The same error of the label block disappearing happens over and over again.

As requested, here is a video recording of that. Thunkable on Vimeo

-Thank You

So after watching your screencast I am not sure what is supposed to be displayed. Is the user supposed to see the whole spreadsheet with their name in the list? Are you using a data list viewer to display the info that is disappearing?

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks for your Submit Changes button? If that’s what’s causing the problem then we would need to see that, too.

The user is supposed to see all the data from every single row which houses the number that you see after I click “Travisso”.

I used a data list viewer and a normal list viewer and this problem still happened.

The code snippet above is actually the same one which I am using. I just wanted to try showcasing the data in a different page and trying to see if it fixes the problem, which it unfortunately does not.

Im not sure how you have the height width settings set but I’ve found sometimes setting multiple items to ‘fill parent’ makes them disappear. Not sure if its even related but might be worth a shot to try and set the width and height of the list viewer (or column/row it is within) to a set number slightly smaller than the screen size and see if data appears.

Thank you for the input, I appreciate it. I have never actually used or known that that the “fill parent” fucntion is possible, so I dont think that is the problem, but thank you for pointing that out.

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