Figma Text Getting Bigger after Import

My figma design has an error when I import it.

it is supposed to appear like this

but this happens instead

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In general, Figma text fields are imported as an SVG and saved as an asset uploaded to Thunkable. This could also be an issue with how the groups in Figma are set up.

Final thing to take a look at here, what size screen are you using in Figma?

Hi, I am also having this same problem, so I’m replying to chime in hoping something helps. I have re-imported my page into Thunkable from Figma many times after tweaking some things on the text, like proportion constraints, centering constraints, and some other things, just to see. Nothing makes a difference.

When I resize the messed up text in Thunkable one box at a time, I have to expand each direction very slowly, and sometimes I will reach a proportion where all of the text fits in the box without being cut off, before a slight adjustment on one or more axis throws it off again. Also, whenever I resize something, after I release the mouse click, the thing jumps somewhere else on the page (but remains the size I adjusted it to) and I have to drag it back. Every single time. It is very frustrating. :smiling_face_with_tear: It also does not make a difference if I have Thunkable’s Resize Mode set to “Stretch” or “Float in Place”. Here is what it looks like after trying to resize the Thunkable boxes to best accommodate the svg:

I hope this is useful to someone more familiar with Thunkable or Figma, as this is my first day using both. :pray: :sparkles:

Edit: The Figma frame I’m working on is 360 x 640, and I’m pretty sure the Thunkable import is nearly the same size because of the background layer (you can see in the middle screen) that comes with it

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sorry for a late reply, i am using the IPhone 8 resolution, i saw it is the perfect size on google

Could you resize to 375x667? Currently, only imports for mobile designs at 375 x 667 px in portrait mode are supported. Thank you!

i am using 375x667. The text just became images, how can i convert them to text?

Figma text fields are imported as an SVG and saved as an asset uploaded to Thunkable. This is intentional to preserve the original font styles. If you want the text to be editable, replace the image of the text with a Thunkable label component.

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