Formatting issues when importing from Figma into Thunkable

I designed an app in Figma. Then I imported it into thunkable. For some reason, the formatting looks horrible. In Figma I set the screen size to 375, 667 which is the screen size in thunkable. It still isnt working. Here are the screenshots below



Hi @aaravmittal23843yn, thanks for reaching out about this. The screenshots here are very small so we cannot see them very well but it looks the issue here is part of a known issue with our Figma import process–the rendered assets are being set to cover resize mode instead of their original size in Figma.

Thank you for raising this issue to our attention. We will work to resolve this. ​In the meantime, feel free to reach out for updates. Otherwise, I will reach out here when I have more information to share with you via updates or a solution going live. ​Thank you, again, for your time and patience in this matter.

Hi @matt_conroy, thanks for your response. Is there an ETA for resolving this known issue?

This issue has been acknowledged by our Product team but we don’t have any timeline for a fix yet, however. I’ll have to update you here if I receive any news.