Something went wrong with my figma import and can't find anything in the forum

Hey ya’ll Bubble dev here who’s finally checking out the mobile no code tools in the space. I was specifically interested in Thunkable because I have a long standing figma design that I want to import over. Watched the video on how to do this and seems easy enough, but I keep getting this message “something went wrong, please try again” and I’m not sure why. I’ve looked through the forum and google a bit and can’t seem to find a solution. Adding pictures of the figma design below and the page where I see the issue message. One other thing to note is that I’m on the free plan, not sure if that can be the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated and happy holidays to you all!

What size are your design screens??

Super helpful, tried this fix yesterday and it worked and just wanted to make sure I got back on here and said thank you! Sadly my whole figma file has shapes that are way too big so I’ll have to redesign it, but at least I know it’s possible now! One other questions is there anyway to add screens and have them connected via scrolling or nah not really? Like for instance I might show what a screen looks like before you scroll and after you scroll on two different figma phone cut outs and theoretically I would want the import to put them on same thunkable page. Is that possible?

no. while you can import screens, you can’t import screens that would require scrolling. In both figma and Thunkable you CAN make a screen taller than you can import from figma into thunkable BUT you can only import screens of certain dimensions.