Trying to Import Figma into Thunkable - test is the wrong size and "source component not found" message

I’m trying to import my Figma designs into Thunkable, and i’m having trouble. Screen size is correct, but some of my rectangles/ellipses are completely missing and text components are completely incorrectly formatted. It’s very glitchy to try to shift around in Thunkable, and also some components are just text saying “source component not found”.

Maybe this is due to too many features in the screen? Also in wed preview it is further messed up.

how the design looks in Figma (right) (these are different concepts for the same screen)

how it looks in Thunkable… (left)

as you can see text had been completely resized and positioned, and some rectangles are missing completely eg. the dark blue rectangle on the top bar (rightmost screen)

and there is the issue of the “source component not found” message …

if helpful this is how my elements are grouped in Figma (just attached for rightmost screen)

purple elements are copied from another figma file accessed from the community - i believe these are the ones giving the source component not found message? in the nav bar.

vs. how it shows up in Thunkable: groups seem to not be working as there are extra vectors sitting there that are not in the figma screen. also, what are the Figma elements down the bottom?

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There is a known issue currently with imported Figma assets are set to ‘cover’ rather than actual size, which explains the issues in sizing in your screenshot.
Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 1.59.19 PM

Switching the Resize Mode on Thunkable from “Stretch” to “Float in Place” doesn’t seem to change anything in terms of text format.