Features in Thunkable X


I am new to thunkable. I am the mentor for the elementary school girls to develop an app for technovation challenge.
Why does thunkable x doesnot have features like thunkable. Because most of the tutorials that I get is for thunkable but I am not able to find those components in thunkable X.
I was looking for dropdown list. it looks easier in thunkable classic but not in thunkable X.
Why is it so difficult? Challenge is becuase I am teaching 10 yr old girls!!

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Thunkable X is created from scratch because it creates cross platform apps. Therefor it does not yet have all the features that Thunkable Classic had, which was built on the existing App Inventor 2 platform.

Take a look at docs.thunkable.com and #thunkable-cross-tutorials

Best, Chris


How wonderful that you are mentoring 10 year-old girls to make their own apps. I facilitate a makerspace at a K-8 school and have taught game design in the past. We’re mostly using Scratch at this point (GameSalad prior to that) but I have my eyes on Thunkable as an educational tool once it gets a bit more robust.

Is there another way you can make a dropdown list? Maybe with a List Viewer instead?

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@Chris Thank you. We have 2 options…we can either use thunkable or MIT app inventor. So is it easier for the girls to use MIT app inventor.

@tatiang thank you. Yes, I looked at list viewer. It is easier for me but I think it will take time for the girls to learn.

Both MIT and Thunkable are essentially the same program so one is not easier than the other. Thunkable X is unique and new compared to both of these as it codes for both IOs and Android. That is why all feature you see in Thunkable or MIT are not yet available on Thunkable X, but Thunkable X is being improved constantly as new features are being implemented.