Family Share App Data

My App is currently on both stores and I would prefer not to do a complete re-write.
I have had requests to allow other family members to be able to use the App on their phones but each family member to share the data and be able to edit the data.
The App stores information about caravanning, weights, checklists and park information
Considering my App stores in Local DB and there is maybe 80 different text boxes being saved in Local DB, what is the best way to achieve this.
Do I have change the App so that every field is a variable?
Can each family member download the App with only one charge?
How do I set up so that each family member sees the same data?

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This is a really interesting question @towball!

After thinking about this for a little while, my instinct would be to have a download/upload feature (but I’ve never build something like this myself)

Another approach would be to use cloud storage and add some additional functionality, similar to what Darren has done in

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Tks @domhnallohanlon I will check it out. and post back in a few


Cloud variables!

You could use something like this

Instead of creating pathways based on userID it could be some secret phrase or number they share with each other. This way instead of sharing one item only, you can share a directory


Sure. Have a look at some examples of my app.

@jaythemanchs - thanks for your contribution, however if you are going to reference one of your “apps” then it would make sense to also include a link to that app to make it easier for the rest of the community.

It would also be good to hear what approach you took storing and distributing the information.


This app allows somebody to create an account and add details to their user.

@jared tks part way through

@jaythemanchs will have a look

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Sorry, I don’t understand.

Hi @towball,

The Sign In block which uses Firebase Authentication, returns the User’s ID, which is specific to every account (i.e. You will never have a duplicate in your project).

When a user saves data to their Firebase, it is saved under this User ID. Firebase Auth and Firebase Realtime DB are designed to work together. Firebase Auth doesn’t do this for you, so upon sign in, grab the userID and set it as a variable. Now when the app opens to a home screen (after the user has been signed in), your app knows where to save/change/delete all the data in Firebase Database. Now you set the key as the userID and you can grab what you need. This also makes it super easy to write security rules :slight_smile:


To add to this:

If you only use local storage then you can have unlimited apps, as none of them require a backend to work, in terms of storage.

@eoinparkinson Thanks for that. Do you happen to have a demo app. I am the sort of person that needs to see it first.
Also worked out on Android how to set up family share.
See if I can do it…

Thanks again

@eoinparkinson I think you misunderstood what I was trying to do.
Part 1 - Share App with family. I worked that out
Part 2 - Share the data with the family member that is sharing the App

So any change on the App by either phone will update the same Firebase DB



Ah okay I see now. Do you plan to set up these family accounts manually? You could use the solution I posted above here, and just have everyone log in under the same account.

Alternatively, you could go with the same idea as the app, as mentioned by @domhnallohanlon, and just create a unique number which is linked to the family.

The easiest way is to share login credentials, but if this isn’t possible then you should use the above solution.

If you wanted to get advanced with it, you could have someone create the family group, under their User ID, and thus makes them the admin of the family. Then add members to the family as a child property of the admin’s User ID. This would be very advanced though, so if this isn’t required then don’t do this :slight_smile: