Experiences with Thunkable X

I just tried the Thunkable X Beta and wanted to give some feedback:


  1. The title still says "Thunkable iOS"
  2. As a person who only uses Thunkable for Android, the design requires some habituation, not to mention those pastel colors.
  3. File management and switching screens are better than the Android version (especially the way the screens are organized and can be accessed)
  4. Application properties are too hidden too much
  5. I appreciate the amount of sizing options
  6. I don’t like that empty components display their name in the drawer. I would like an icon more
  7. I think it’s fantastic that this even works. I never thought that cross-platform development between Android and iOS is even possible!

I must admit that I am not a fan of the latest blockly. I don’t like the colors nor the new blocks

Missing components/properties

  • File component (like in App Inventor)
  • Toggle visibility
  • Change FontSize of TextBox

Bugs found

  • When you drag a variable into the LocalStorage output field, it starts making copies of the value and the variable block


I will strike points through if they are deprecated


Thank you so much for your feedback – it really helps guide us as we keep developing the platform.

One question for you – what do you normally use the File component for? We are looking to add a lot more components (50 is our goal!) but I’ve never used the File component before.

Thanks again,

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I use the file component for the following

  • save JSON responses from an API request in a file
  • save text to a file
  • create html files and append text to them

Did I overread something? Because Thunkable X and Thunkable iOS are the same for me. Have the platforms been merged?

Yes, Thunkable iOS and ✕ are powered by the same platform (components etc). The main difference is that ✕ enables development (live testing etc) for Android.

Anything that we launch publicly for iOS will be available in ✕

Albert @ Thunkable

Yes but take a look at my screenshots, the pages are literally the same for me

On testing its work great but after export its malfunction different key click going same page its bug fix it please…
project dead after export to computer all key commands malfunction…

Hi @Deepak_DAx

Welcome to the Thunkable community and thanks for your feedback!

Since this is a cross platform product you’ll have to specify whether you are exporting to Android or iOS?


If I understand correctly, if I am teaching a class of both iOS users and Android users, I should do the teaching (what I show on the projector screen) in the X platform (iOS). Is that the best approach?

The lab is set up with all PCs. Do I just make sure that each kid (these will be middle schoolers during a summer course) has the Thunkable app on their individual phone, either iPhone or Android?

That is correct! You should have all the kids login at Thunkable ✕ and download the appropriate live testing app to their Android and iPhone. Each project should work for both devices as long as they are logged in to the same account.

hi this is the best

@albert, plz check the image… thanks.

Thanks for pointing this out – we will try to fix this soon.


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This merge has now officially been done.

A few (more) things I noticed while working a bit more with Thunkable X

  • There needs to be a possibility to rename components, or it gets very confusing
  • It doesn’t make sense for me to have the Firebase and Stripe settings in the app settings
  • I haven’t used Stripe yet, but I think it is wonderful to have the option to make payments
  • If I understand the Firebase sign in component right and it can be used for user authentication, it could be really useful
  • The simple and advanced properties are a great idea
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Thanks so much for the feedback – we are taking note and adding them to our list.

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After some more work with Thunkable ✕, I noticed some more things:


  • I really love the styling options, they guarantee a much more Material-like UI
  • Thanks for making the renaming of components possible, it helps a lot
  • I appreciate the options of the Textbox component
  • Projects overview allows quick changing between projects (At least in Android)
  • The Simple/Advanced properties are still really helpful


  • Debugging does not exist
  • I can’t toggle the visibility of components
  • No newlines :frowning:
  • Setting a FontFamily does not work for me
  • I can’t force reloading the project
  • I can’t drag buttons within the designer
  • No =,<,>,<=,>= (I had to use a workaround with “if value - threshold is negative” instead) It can be found under the “Logic” blocks
  • No Material Icons :frowning:

Patiently waiting for new components and looking forward to doing more with it
-Red Panda

Also, this shouldn’t happen

Let me make suggestions on your list


Debugging does not exist - yes
I can’t toggle the visibility of components - it is not comfortable, but you either need to make height (or/and width) = 0, or make the background and the base color transparent
No newlines :frowning: - There is a way to get a newline character, but it’s also inconvenient to do
Setting a FontFamily does not work for me - for Android and iOS different fonts are used. I did not see any problems with changing the font for iOS
I can’t force reloading the project - yes
I can’t drag buttons in the designer - use Alt key
No =,<,>,<=,>= (I had to use a workaround with “if value - threshold is negative” instead) -
No Material Icons - these icons, Font Awesome etc can be obtained using the Web Viewer

Concerning dragging a button and a slider in the designer.

Google Chrome and Opera - it works
Firefox - does not work, but it will work if you first hold down the Alt key.

Drag in the designer the slider failed in any way.

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