Europeans, #SaveYourInternet

Fellow Europeans, please take your time and read this

In short, the EU wants to reform the copyright law in the digital domestic market. The crucial articles 11 & 13 are heavily critized for their censorship potential. The first attempt has been rejected and is now back, worse than before.

These articles would direct (almost*) every platform to install upload filters. Imprecise as they are, they would result in an overblocking of your favourite platforms!

*The criteria for not having to install upload filters are

  • Platform is younger than 3 years
  • Platform makes less than 10 million euros per month
  • Platform has less than 5 million users monthly

If you miss only one of the criteria, you would have to install upload filters or buy all possible licenses your users could violate. This affects many websites like Patreon, YouTube, etc. and could even affect us app developers

Please inform yourself about the effects, and if you want to prevent this law, draw attention to it. For example, contact your MEP, via e-mail, Twitter or send them a carrier pigeon. You can also sign the petition linked below.

Link to the petition: | Save the Internet