Error when trying to update my app on GooglePlayStore

Hello thunkers !

Is what i get when i try to upload new release as an update of my app on GooglePlayStore :roll_eyes:
Last month i published my first app. As im a beginner, i made alot of “mistakes” in terms of optimizing the use of blocks use and so on. So later, after learning alot from this community, i started same app from the beginning.
Maybe my mistake was that i didnt do it using a copy of former app, but i started a fresh new app, even if it was the same app, but better, thinking that in the end, importing original keystore from the original app will do the job as acting as an update… but it seems it doesnt, as Google PlayStore rejects me with this screen.
Any sugestion ?
Thank you for your time.

This is most likely the cause…

Do you know, are you self-signing (actually using the keystore) or using are you using Play Store signing when you publish?

this is really over my knowledge atm :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But im doing the same thing as usually, before trying this update… i did 4 times until now, updating my former app that is v.5 on store… and everytime i just imported original keystore and that was all…
well, all those versions were copies of former app, while v.6 that i want to upload is fresh new (even with original keystore uploaded)

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Make sure your project setting uses the same Bundle ID which is similar to a reversed URL and the app version number is higher than that of the published.

Even if i started all from the beginning, the first thing i take care of was to copy all things from former app in App Settings tab to new app… so all things are the same there.

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Ok, so i tested, trying to upload new version as a copy of my former app, after imported keystore… and it worked…
So it seems that the .keystore is not the only thing that counts as a digital certificate when updating…
And with a fresh new app, even with importing .keystore, wont work.
If @Thunkable_Staff dont have any other solution for me in this case, ill be forced to just redraw my former app from store and upload new version as a new app… :roll_eyes:

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this answers your question ? :thinking:
Srry to insist on this topic, but im really looking for a solution :roll_eyes:

Hello Thunkers !
I just want a closing to this topic, so here i am, telling you how i solve my issue, after a hard-time workaround :blush:
I had an application, lets say appA. I was not very happy with it, considering that it was my first application, so I used thunkable resources in a not exactly optimized way. So I decided to rebuild it from scratch.
My first mistake was that I did not start from a copy of the application (lets call it appB), believing that the key import from appA to appB in the end is enough to upload appB on GoogleStore as an update of appA
Well, it wasnt, and GoogleStore rejected my bundle, saying that appB has not the same fingerprint.
So, back to work.
I made a copy of appA (lets call it appC). Deleted all from it, let only a blank screen there. (tables, datasources, images included). Exported every sceen from appB, saved in MyScreens. Then imported in appC screen by screen from MyScreens those screens (the thing that helps alot is that saving a screen in MyScreens saves blocks from that screen too).
So now i have appC with all the screen imported. Unfortunatly this is the point when real work begins, because every imported screens created copies of assets, tables and so on, so you need to start cleanning and repairs errors, linking again assets to screens and so on.
My second mistake was to delete screens from MyScreens tab (i just want to keep my environment clean :sweat_smile: .Didnt noticed at that time, but that deleted pictures from appA aswell (dunno why, but that happened). So when i needed to recover assets as pictures to upload in appC (thank you @muneer and @domhnallohanlon for advices), i couldnt, cause appA didnt had any images to export :roll_eyes: )
So back to get images from primary sources, editing again… but in the end, after imported original key from appA to appC, i could upload appC as update of appA on Store, so this is the only thing that matters :hugs:
Many thanks to @muneer and @domhnallohanlon for support.

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I’m glad to know you have, somehow, overcome this issue.

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