Error thunkable Live - do not open

Good evening everyone

Can anyone tell me why when I open thunkable live my application opens like this, it doesn’t load the background and buttons?

error both on IOS and Android.

My white screen most often occur when:

  1. Uninitilized stored variable
  2. Referencing a missing or mistyped JSON object property
  3. Referencing a list element by number which does not exist
  4. Providing an invalid data type to a block (e.g. latitude of “46.5” instead of 46.5
  5. Mulitple synchronous call occuring at the same time (e.g. blocks with THEN DO sections).

If you can provide screen shots of the blocks in the START and OPEN event of your form, it would make troubleshooting a lot easier.

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giving to many codes to screen start and open may show white screen.
it means reduce code .

Thank you drted. It returned to work alone. My App had no logical commands, just an interface. I believe that I correcting without knowing.