Edit Item in list

So for this app I will have a list of names that the user will create, and when they click on the name it will show them various information they have written about that name. What I am struggling with right now is how to edit that other information.

I’m not sure what blocks to use, I have tried using a change variable block but I don’t get the old variable to change fully or the app crashes.

I can’t create a link to the project right now as I keep getting an error message

See my example here

you could do what you are talking about here!

Could you share blocks of what you have tried already?

I will, but I think the sever crashed! I keep getting an error 521 :laughing:

At least it is down in London? idk if you are getting similar problem

sorry :frowning: weird. I’m in the states. I just loaded the link. worked fine for me.

Sorry about that - we were down for about 15 minutes or so at around 10:30 PST.

Everything should be back up and running for you now @huntermclarkn

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Here is how i display additional plan information in my flight tracker

see a video of the project in action. then see the blocks to make it happen

first I throw all info into separate lists. each list is the same length meaning that spot 1 in each list is only information about the first thing and so on for each item

then i add some of the info to map markers

and finally to display the extra info when a map marker is clicked because i only put half of the info from the lists above into the map marker.

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No problem! it worked as a forced break which was a good thing! Im back up and thunking

Thank you so much Jared, I think I may be able to get a Successfully Thunked post going soon! In large part thanks to the help!!


So I went ahead and I have done a bit of a run around that works!!

So when I select an item on my list view I am going ahead and saving it as a new App variable. I will then use that Variable to populate an “edit screen” which acts like my add screen and will allow the user to edit as needed. Below are the blocks I used
Annotation 2020-04-11 095636

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One thing I would be interested just as a parting note to this thread, is I am wondering how I would go about having the app itself remove the "edited"data. What I get now is My list viewer say with the name Rex. The user then goes in to edit that Rex is now a Neutered Male and when they return to the list viewer the user will see Rex and Rex. I figure it wouldn’t be too much to have the user delete the old file (may even help serve for records/if they made an error) but I was wondering if you guys had any insight as to how I might do that? I currently delete files as the code shows below, but if I duplicate the “From list remove # index” and put it on the first piece of code above, it doesn’t work out.

Annotation 2020-04-11 100319