E-Learning App - 30 K Downloads!

App is built on Thunkable has over 30K Downloads

Available on Playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_mnizamudeen6.HelderTechELearningApp&hl=en

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E-Learning App is a social networking website for education which connects students, teachers , parents and school or institution in a safe and unique network

This App is just like other prominently used social network but doesn’t allow you to divert from the topic and help you to stick on to the topic. It provides sufficient tools for students and teachers.

It helps students to submit assignments, clear their doubts, post their talents (whole classroom can see), chatting with teachers and classmates,most of students problems and provides access to tools like Notepad, Paint, translator, ask me question, quiz, media, inspirational quotes, guides for subjects , Bluetooth chat , dictionary , study planner and online quiz .

(Note: What if students misuse by posting materials other than study materials or their talent?)

A: If any other materials other than study materials or talents are posted, students or teachers can report the issue and that will be removed.

It helps teachers to save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students and parents, giving students assignments, conduct classes, monitor students’ progress and can know how students responded to teaching of paticular class.

E-Learning App can be practically used in classroom which replaces classroom tools into single tablet or gadget

It helps parents to keep updated with their child’s progress and communicate with teachers

E-Learning App improves system of electronic learning in safe and advanced way while compared to other educational apps or network . E-Learning App is Also provides School Management Material for FREE.