DVL to start each new session at the last position that was clicked in the previous one

What I have done is just change the visual presentation, and the response times
Captura presentacion visual

This is mine

one bad side of custom layouts is getting broken after every change. Something you need to put up with.

The thing is, sometimes it is invisible and you have to bind the layout again and redo the blocks again.


I already checked the necessary blocks after changing the DVL, which is working correctly… But the restart in the last position that was used stopped working, and it always starts in the same place. What blocks should I check?
Does what I change affect your project in the cloud?

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These are the blocks I review: the different data viewer list’s Lbanswers1, 2, 3 and 4

But these don’t condition the restart, wright?

Would this suffice as an answer?

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No wonder it stopped.

This is my block ( the working code)

This is yours

Unaccounted changes could be very difficult to track.

If you really want a working copy of this app, consider hiring a professional.

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I download your proyect with that variable unchanged, and it gives the same problem. >Sorry

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My code will always stat from row 1 if you have already tried all quiz entries. When all rows are answered there is no more tracking for last used row.

See my previous suggestion.

@ muneer

Your code now is starting from row 1, even though you have not tried all quiz entries, that’s why I’m asking you.

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What do you mean by that?

You mean to say your were able to hack into my computer and run the project from my computer or mobile phone?

I’m sure you have not seen this although I posted it for your clarification. It starts from Row#: 7. Can you see?

I mean your code here

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I’ll ask you again,
Have you see this before answering (see it again and make sense of what is being displayed). Let’s not waste precious time for repetitive information.

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Well, sorry but I go to your app example in he
I copy it, and before I try to make changes, I run it to see how it goes. I haven’t done any changes to your proyect, but it does not run as it did once. I know, you told me before, I have to make changes touching the blocks after every change I make because “one bad side of custom layouts is getting broken after every change”. Well…
So I go to these blocks

And rewrite them with the very same information they have. I don’t know if I have to change any other thing, maybe you are telling me I have to do the same with some or all of the blocks.But as I say, befo I haven’t done any changes yet… and they just don’t work properly. It is true that I changed a variable name, but it changed its name in every position it appears… I have made this before, and it was not a problem…
The link you gave me, not your computer or your phone…, does not work properly:
Same link

and without finishing the rows it has, it restarts with number one …not even working well as you can see… just the same that happened at the very beginning of this conversation, till you made some changes.
Could you please re-upload the blocks you have in your computer that are really working?
Thank you

Dear Carlos (@similar2similar),

My native language is not English but I always thought I can explain and express in English in a fair manner. You are trying to prove me wrong here!

All what I want you to consider is this scenario.

  • I use my project which has my code and run it in my computer and start at row # 7.
  • You use my project which has my code which you have not changed nor altered and run it in your computer and starts at row # 1.
  • This leads me to believe that we use different sets of data.
  • I’m also lead to believe there is something in your data that the code does not understand or fails to retrieve which gives the null values in the screen you shared.

Given the fact that I have no access to the data in your computer, I’m not in a position to suggest the way forward for your project.

If you still believe that you need me to send another copy of the project, then I failed to express the situation in a clear way to you and my only suggestion is to hold on for sometime until someone with better explanation capabilities such as @tatiang or @jared to describe the situation in a better way.

Happy Thunking!

This is post number 115 discussing a simple matter to remember the last row the user viewed.


Dear Muneer:
The data you sent to the cloud in here
does have a problem when I try to use it (without any change) in my computer. Maybe you can try this very same link in your computer, to see if it works properly in your computer. Please, don’t get mad about me. I’m just telling you this real fact. So I’m trying you to re upload it. Thank you

@muneer. I have been trying two different approaches to find a sollution to this question, yours and Jared’s. I’m going to try to solve this question using the method Jared proposed. Thank you very much for your precious time and help.

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Wish you all the luck. Just to highlight one thing. If you see how I deal with the temp table and the Data Viewer it is the same approach of @jared.


One other issue I forgot to mention. Since this topic started back in January this year, every example I shared used Local Tables and I have never used Cloud Data with any of my solutions in this topic.