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i have to make a lot of pages for a business directory app. the layout and format will be the same each time, is there a way i can duplicate a page and then just manually updated the business details rather than having to build it from scratch each time?

no :frowning:

Hey Ashley,

There is not a way to duplicate pages at this time (that I know of). But before recreating each page, ask yourself “Must I have different screens for each piece of content?”

In the example below:

  • I store all of my content in a list variable.
  • I track what list item I am on with an ID variable.
  • When the screen starts I call a function that displays the content.
  • When I click the Next Button, I increase the list item ID variable by 1 and then display the content at that ID.
  • Similar for the Previous button, but for this one, I decrease the list item ID variable by 1.

This allows me to have 1 page and dynamically show the content.
Would something like this work? Hope this helps!

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