Duplicate a screen?

I have an About Me screen set up, and want the same layout for another screen. Instead of sitting here and rebuilding everything with all the layouts and measurements, is there a way to simply duplicate a screen?

Not yet :confused:

ouch…my time…

All I can suggest is to open two navigator windows, split screen and the job is done (pretty quick if you stay focused :wink:)

Don’t lose faith !

Nice day :slight_smile:

basta baixar o arquivo .aia pro computador, depois trocar a extensão por .rar extrair somente os dois arquivos correspondente a sua pagina que deseja copiar depois renomear os arquivos (lembrando que tem que entrar no arquivo para alterar o nome da aba tambem) depois colocar os arquivos na pasta rar no mesmo local que os demais, alterar para .aia e fazer a importação do projeto

I don’t get a word of what you said but I read .aia & there is no .aia in Thunkable X, so your solution can’t do.

How could I do that??

I mean, if the screens are identical why can you not just keep it on the same screen, just change the data. Make a variable called WhichButtonClicked. So if i clicked the show other person info button, it sets the variable to that, or show info about you button, then sets the variable accordingly, and so on :slight_smile:

if the about screen is to say display info about say another person, you could have that when the screen opens, if that variables = ShowMyInfo then show your info, then if its set to ShowOtherPersonInfo then show the other persons info. Of course i don’t know what your app does, but I find apps like Snapchat do this, that the back button doesn’t just lead back to 1 screen, but it depends on where you are on that screen, and leads you back to where you were before the action you called.

Do you get me? :stuck_out_tongue:


This is kind of how you would also work with a Database as such. The button a user clicks sets a variable of what you want (keyword), then you pull the data accordingly to the keyword. You keep the same screen, just change the label text, picture source, etc.

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Thanks man