Duplicating a bordered Text_input removes border 😕

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I am experiencing this issue since a few weeks, I am now reporting this…

For example, set a text_input’s border to 2 and color to some color.
Duplicate it, you will see that the border is gone… You have to set the duplicated box’s border manually…

If anyone is also experiencing this, report here :slightly_smiling_face:

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@kartik14 Same here :raising_hand_man:

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In Live on Android 8.1 and iOS 12.4 I do not have this problem. I set the border color to red BorderWidth = 2 - in duplicate bordering there.

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me too! :raising_hand_man:

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This screen-recording might help Staff catch the bug -

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P.S. Thanks for support @bluewhaleYT & @Daniel_Coglitore

Now I understand. The fact that my browser does not display border and for source components.

And you’re right, the border does not appear in dupl object. But it shows the cloned object. Output? create a better interface with the help of blocks :wink: That’s just no blocks from which to create a great interface.

I added this bug in the Bug tracker

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