Download exp 57.2.1?

I am having trouble publishing my app to the App Store. I have tried re-doing my CSR as well as the provisioning profile (yes, it is the correct type of provisioning profile!), but continue to get the same error code. The error code appears to tell me that my exp is old (56.0.0) and that I need to get the new one (57.2.1). I even tried doing this and downloaded it from npn, but that did nothing. I have been fighting this for over a week now and nobody seems to have an answer that will work for me. What else can I try? Please please please someone help me with this, I need to publish ASAP.

For reference, here is the error code:
Command failed: cd ***/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_501d068b-ee6c-465e-9207-3ddfb10a9805/ios && npx exp path && bundle exec fastlane release app_identifier:‘com.mdc.holidazzle’ app_name:‘Holidazzle’ team_id:‘7T83A79H6R’ two_factor:‘true’ build_number:‘1’ version_number:‘1’ xcode_project_path:’***/Documents/thunkable-for-ios/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_501d068b-ee6c-465e-9207-3ddfb10a9805/ios/thunkablecompanion.xcodeproj’ profile_uuid:‘f6fa9b67-8555-4121-83e1-54a67b1cdb08’ profile_name:‘Holidazzle Provisioning Profile FINAL’ There is a new version of exp available (57.2.1). You are currently using exp 56.0.0 Run npm install -g exp to get the latest version [31m [!] Error building the application - see the log above [0m

Hey @Jacob_Lawson - did you ever manage to get your app published in the end? Would be great to see it in #MadeWithThunkable if you did, and if not, you might find the new publishing process a bit more straightforward to navigate: