Does not navigate to previous screen

I have a screen and when the user clic a button show a Alert asking if I want accept, in both answer I add a block to navigate to “transporte” (previous screen) but stay in the same screen. Is that a bug or bad way to use it?

Thanks in advance for your help

Light green blocks attached to violet blocks are local variables that are defined only in the range of violet blocks. If you need these variables outside the purple blocks, use blocks of variables, joined the local units.

Thanks that’s was the solution to my problem,

I will learn from this and I understand that compiler or interpreter stop for that
but ¿Why does not show like error ?

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Alejandro Castrejon

You need to be prepared for the fact that in many cases the interpreter will not show any error, even when an application crash or display a white screen. Simply put, when an error occurs in Thunkable X program or will not perform blocks, or will crash with serious problems.

Why is this happening? Because in web development and mobile development using the following concept - the application should be as user friendly. It should be understood in the sense that the user should not be aware of errors in it and the appearance of the majority of minor bugs simply suppressed and not displayed. The error is displayed only when the system crash. And in this case, an error message will display the system itself. In your example you have not done anything wrong in terms of Thunkable X, so it can work on.

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I understand, maybe the Thunkable team must validate when someone use a value out the scope, I will make that recommendation.

I use thunkable (a excellent cross platform too) instead Xamarin because this app will be a donation for a Non-profit organization in my city, who looks to improve the public services and I want that the final user wil be capable to make the changes that will be needed by their own.

Again thanks for your help and be sure I will share this knowledge with other users in the forum.