Does BlueTooth work?

I know this is a very general question, but I’ve read all of the BLE topics and most are closed with no resolution.

I have an app in MIT App Inventor that I’m trying to move to Thunkable. It uses BLE to control a heater. In MIT App Inventor, I can use a variety of BLE modules (HM-18, HM-11, SH-HC-08, HM-19, HM-10) and they work just fine.

In ThunkableX, I can scan and connect to all of the same modules, but cannot transmit and receive on any of them. Most of them do nothing at all, but a couple do give a garbage response on the receive. I get exactly the same results with the live test as I do with installing the apk.

My question is, does BLE work, and are there plans to make it more robust?


See my post here. You’re asking about the same class of device just called a different name.


I saw the post, was just hoping someone at Thunkable could chime in with details on development and maybe a timeline since I haven’t been able to find much on that.

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