Bluetooth dont work with HC-05 (slave) and HC-06 (master/slave)

Hi all,
Please Thunkable staff, tell me if Bluetooth blcks really works with HC-05 (slave) and HC-06 (master/slave).
I moved my project in AppInventor2 (working) to Thunkable (much better in GUI) but but I can’t make it work.
I saw many post about that, but all with the same result; don’t work.
To don’t spend more time, I need an answer for the Thunkable Staff with reality: work o don’t work with HC-05 and HC-06.
But, if it works, pls send me the example blocks.
My blocks below.
Awaiting the quiclkly response, thaks in advance, regards

The issue is in the modality of communication that those devices use. I’m almost positive you can only transfer data via the broadcast channel. Thunkable apps do not have the internal infrastructure to receive and parse those messages at this time. For now, you must read from/write to the GATT characteristic service available on a BLE device. The ESP32 is perfect for this use case as. I have documented this in other threads.

BlueTooth Weather Station - BLE

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Hi Jared, thanks for your quickly replay.
I have 193 devices deployment with HC-05 and HC-06 in my infrastructure, I can’t change 193 bluetooth devices for an internal problem in Thunkable infrastructure.
For that app, Thunkable isn’t my option.
Again, thanks for your quickly answer and when you have solve that issue in your infrastructure, I’ll come back and will use Thunkble
Regards, FG.

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