Dock scrollbar for List_Viewer

I use List_Viewer. The scrollbar not seen until the user touch the list. I need the scrollbar to be constant (Dock), and to be seen also without touch. How do I do it?
Help me. Thanks.

Why do you need to see the scroll bar? Users can work with lists and can determine whether it is scrolling or not.

Because the list is long, and the user see only the top. and he can think that the list have not Continued. he can think that it isn’t possible to scroll.

If the user can work with the phone, then he will be able to understand what kind of list he is shown. See the Setting system menu for phone settings or the App Store. There are no scroll bars and 95% of users will guess to scroll through the list for more information. What to do with the remaining 5%? To study the interfaces in order to distinguish the button from the link and from the list.

If you are afraid that users will not understand a long list, then create a label with text “30 entries found”.

If your list is too long, then this may indicate an ineffective presentation of information. Few of the users will see even 100 entries. If I’m looking for something, then I want to see 10 records that most accurately reflect what I’m looking for. I don’t want to get 100 or even 50 records to dig into them and look for the information I need.

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