Need side-by-side lists to scroll together


I have 2 problems with list view in my app.

  1. I have a screen that has 2 lists side by side. How can i stop them from scrolling independently? I want the screen to scroll as 1 unit (since item 1 of list 1 corresponds to item 1 of list 2.)
  2. Also for list 2, there are more items but I cannot see them on screen. If you see the 2nd list, only 9 (+) signs are displayed but I want to see a + corresponding to each time slot of list 1. Can someone plz check my project and tell me where am I going wrong?

The link to my project is below. It is the ScheduleScrn. Any help will be appreciated.


I don’t understand what you need, but I think the example on TableViewer (scrTableViewer) will help you