DLC, Expansion Packs, Partial Updates for Paid Content


I’ve done a little research through the community but haven’t found an answer yet. If I’m in the wrong topic or even in the wrong website (Maybe this isn’t a Thunkable issue?) let me know.

My question is this: Is it possible to make DLC packets that are added to the app after purchase from the app store they use? Would that be something I design here and then sell on the store? Would it require in app purchases? My thought process is that when I end up designing more optional content for my app in the next few months, they don’t have to ‘update’ the app and download something they have to pay for. I would prefer that they only download what they need and then the optional content is downloaded upon request.

For example: I have 1 deck of cards standard content (80 cards) but in a few months, I would like to come out with an additional 20 cards themed for their own deck. The time that goes into these cards is months of work so I would really rather not give them for free as an update. The 2nd deck would be a DLC or paid content.

If this is a Thunkable thing that I can do, please direct me to the proper resources so that I can learn. Otherwise, if this is something that I need to talk to Google or Apple about then I can go do that. I just wanted to check with the local community first to see if anyone has done this kind of thing. If so what advice or ideas would you share with me?

Thank you in advance.

P.S. If I need to change the topic or category let me know.


Ideally you need In App Purchases.

You create your app with the free content and publish it on Google Play and Apple App Store.

You release additional content but put it behind a paywall. This would be done within the app itself.

However, Thunkable does not yet have the ability to add In App Purchases. They have been talking about adding it for a long time but there is no movement yet.

There are other builders you can use to publish on Google Play if Apple is not too import.


Thank you, that helps me. Cheers